Applying for R&D Tax in Engineering and Manufacturing

Gain financial advantage to invest in technology and innovation

Embracing new technologies is essential for you to ensure continued increases in efficiency and productivity. With manufacturing and engineering accounting for 70% of business R&D in the UK, Quantum R&D Tax Specialists are the experts that will help you access an additional financial platform to enable smart working.

Increasing your chance to claim

Adopting and designing new technologies and processes to improving automation, boost productivity, enhance quality, streamline production and increase creativity all comes at a cost, but cost which most likely entitles you to an R&D tax rebate. We will give you the very best chance to claim the tax R&D credits your business is entitled to.


Start the process today

Are you tapping into eligible funds to gain financial advantage?

SMEs are missing out on £thousands in R&D tax credit relief.

Don’t assume your business is not eligible. Quantum R&D Tax Credit Specialists have enable many manufacturing and engineering businesses to receive every penny they are entitled to.

R&D tax credits are available to every UK Ltd SME if:

  • you’ve spent money on improving or developing new products, services or processes
  • you started this in the last two or three years
  • you pay corporation tax

If the answer is YES to all these, then you’re very likely to be eligible for R&D Tax Credits.


Let’s get you started

Think it’s a long, complex process?

Well it’s not, because we do the hard work for you. It’s our speciality.

Our process is simple and financially risk free:

  • We gather the information.
  • We identify eligible activities and costs.
  • We quantify and qualify the R&D.
  • We submit the claim and manage HMRC.
  • You receive successful R&D claims.

And our fee is only due when a successful claim has been paid to you.

Recent Client R&D Claim Snapshot:

Bottling plant set up a more effective work process that was different to industry standards.

R&D Tax Credits = £89,000