Meet The Team

Michael Newnham - (BSc. Hons)

Mike has a significant background in engineering, he was a Principal Technologist at Rolls-Royce for 9 years before taking on the global role of Head of Materials at ABB Power Generation. 5 years later, as Director of Engineering for Bowman Power he developed the UK's first micro turbine-based combined heat and power system, aimed at reducing emissions, lowering energy costs and improving the quality and availability of on-site power.


At Quantum R&D Tax, Mike is responsible for the Technical reporting part of the R&D Tax claim's process. Helping clients collate and extract the technical detail needed to prepare an in-depth technical report to support their claim.

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Katherine Baines - (FCCA, BA Hons.)

Katherine is a Chartered Accountant who has helped many SME businesses over the last 16 years. Having had a career in retail management before becoming an accountant, she has significant experience working with a wide variety of businesses.

At Quantum R&D Tax, Katherine is responsible for extracting and compiling the financial reporting for the R&D Tax claims


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Malcolm Robson - Accountant

Malcolm is a qualified accountant who helps prepare the R&D Tax financial reports - Email:


Sally Stimson - Finance Administrator

Sally helps compile the financial analysis for the R&D Tax claims.  She is currently studying with AAT to become an accounting technician - Email:


Theresa Newnham - Office Manager

Theresa is our office manager making sure we meet any tight deadlines, and ensuring our compliance with regard to AML and ACCA regulations - Email: