If you can say YES to the following questions then you may be eligible...


  • Is your business an active limited company, registered in the UK?
  • Does your business do a lot of bespoke work for clients?
  • Do you develop new or existing products, processes or services?
  • Do you make process improvement to reduce costs, reduce energy and be more sustainable?
  • Do you take an element of risk in finding solutions for your clients?


If you can say YES to any or all of the above then it is worth a conversation with us to find our if your business is eligible


55% of eligible SMEs are still NOT claiming the R&D tax credits to which they are entitled. Are you one of them?


Don’t assume your business is not eligible contact us for your FREE discovery call on 01684 252464 or email us at info@quantumtax.co.uk 

*£50,000+ is a conservative estimate, the actual rounded average claim value is £89k as per HMRC statistics for 2018-2019 as reported in Sept 2020 based on £5.3bn across 59,265 claims


We are in the business of boosting your business

Quantum R&D Tax is one of very few R&D Tax specialist organisations regulated by the ACCA.  We are based in Worcestershire, and support SMEs right across the country.

Our team are specialists in R&D tax relief with a diverse knowledge and understanding across multiple sectors. This means we speak your business language, so we will maximise your R&D tax credit claim.

Our process is simple and risk free. We...

  • Gather the information
  • Identify eligible activities and costs
  • Quantify and qualify the R&D projects
  • Submit the claim and manage HMRC process
  • And you receive a successful R&D Tax refund accordingly

Our fee is only due when a successful claim has been paid to you.


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