Get R&D Tax Credit for Working in Construction

Harness the power of innovation to further boost productivity

Through ongoing economic and environmental demands, you are part of an industry under pressure to innovate to meet the demands of new policies and government mandates. Quantum R&D Tax are the experts that will help you access an additional financial platform for innovation.

Increasing your chance to claim

Minimising wastage and inefficiencies, improving safety and quality, optimising life-long infrastructure performance, lowering energy use and delivering better performing buildings all comes at a cost, but cost which most likely entitles you to an R&D tax rebate. We will give you the very best chance to claim the tax R&D credits your business is entitled to.

SMEs are missing out on £thousands in R&D tax credit relief

Many companies are unaware that their activities to develop new products for their customers or themselves are in fact research and development, the costs of which can be very significant when all contributions are taken into consideration

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